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I draw from championship experiences to help guide you to results.

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High Performance Consulting

Whether you’re an elite athlete, weekend warrior, or corporate professional, I draw from a wealth of combined career experience in the coaching, clinical and education fields to help you achieve results and lasting success:

  • I offer solutions and pass on many lessons learned in professional sport to help navigate high-pressure environments that demand results.
  • I teach strategies for long term athlete development over a number of years, leaning on leadership experience at the provincial and national levels, including preparing athletes for the Olympic Games. Stay focused on the big picture and your ultimate goals.
  • Years of experience coaching in the collegiate environment at several institutions across North America provide insight on how to succeed amongst a variety of different cultures and personalities. Stay agile and navigate the ever-changing circumstances  of your environment.
  • My background as an educator and instructor at the post-secondary level allows me to communicate to your level of understanding and distil information in a concise and digestible manner while allowing you to grow at your own pace.

I bring my combined knowledge and experience as an educator, coach, and clinician to the consulting world to help you, your athletes, your team, and your organization, achieve great success.

  • Wisdom.

  • Perspective.

  • Innovation.

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