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Here are some memorable ways I’ve made an impact:

I believe that Aaron’s programming was a massive contribution to the BC Lions being the team with the lowest amount of man games lost to injuries in the 2016 CFL season.

Aaron’s knowledge and passion towards his aspect of sport was recognizable and immediately garnered the respect and trust of all the athletes he worked with, including National Team level athletes.

Aaron and I have been working together for over 4 years now and I went from a beginner lifter and sprinter to a world class athlete pursuing the Olympic Games in a very short amount of time.

Aaron has taken a significant leadership role at SFU and management of our professional development program. He has the ability to quickly gain the attention and respect of any group of athletes at any level.

Thank you for how much you invested into us – you have left an impact on Humber Athletics, even for the short time you’ve been here!! Wishing you nothing but success!

Aaron has provided our players with the coaching and guidance which has enabled our athletes to reach their highest potential both on the field and in the weight room.

After working with Aaron, I’ve seen improvements in all of my lifts and added a few inches to my vertical, which has also noticeably translated into the sports that I play on the court and field.

Thank you for teaching me so much, both in and out of the weight room. You left a mark on all of us, as well as the HPC platforms you did your cleans on!

Aaron, I don’t think you know how lucky I am to have a coach like you. Now I’m 10 lbs heavier, can clean 200lbs, and touch 80mph on my fastball. Thank you for making me the athlete that I am today!

Aaron, thank you for all the time and effort you’ve out into our strength and conditioning sessions. You’ve played a huge part in my growth as a a competitive athlete.

Thank you for your dedication to always making us better, and for being the one responsible for making me fall in love with lifting. Best of luck!!

There are several ways I can help you attain your goals:

Performance Consulting

I draw upon years of accumulated wisdom in the coaching, education, and clinical spheres to help improve performance and provide results.

Massage Therapy (RMT)

Enhance recovery from training and competition using deep tissue massage, Fascial Stretch Therapy, and neurofunctional acupuncture.

Strength & Conditioning

Speed, strength, agility, and power development including increasing lean muscle mass and improving body composition.

Medical Acupuncture

Rehab and reconfigure your body for maximum performance and recovery with neurofunctional acupuncture and electrical muscle stimulation.

Education & Mentorship

Spreading knowledge, wisdom and understanding through lectures, curriculum design, and course delivery. Build your career.

Online Coaching Programs

Elite quality performance care with convenience and affordability. Customized care and agile programming that grows with you.

Here are some articles & blogs that I’ve written.

Let’s accomplish great things together.