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Online Coaching

High-performance athletes require high-performance coaching. Private coaching is most optimal for athlete growth and development due to the immediate observation, real-time feedback and hands-on adjustments the coach can make. However, it is understandable that athlete circumstances do not always allow for private sessions.

Online coaching services offer elite quality programming with convenience and affordability. Effective programs are customized based on several variables including age, sex, training experience, sport, position, competition schedule, goals, medical history, and the available training environment.

Customized month-to-month programming based on sport, position, and athlete goals. Programming takes into account injury history, equipment availability/access, and rate of progress. Weekly video analysis and feedback available to teach and correct technique, and access to a full exercise video library (see below) to reference on your own time. Programming is periodized to account for the athlete’s training/competition schedule. This allows optimal athlete development, and allows him/her to stay fresh for their sport, and peak at appropriate times of the season.

Private and semi-private sessions are currently available on a limited basis. Contact me for more details or to join the waitlist.

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