Fascial Stretch Therapy


I help you recover from training, competition, and stress.

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a unique system of table-based assisted stretching and soft tissue work that focuses on the body’s fascial networks – layered connective tissue that surrounds muscles, bones and joints. When these fascial networks are restricted, it can cause increased muscle tone, tightness, and pain. Fascial Stretch Therapy utilizes gentle traction, oscillation and circumduction of the joints in combination with passive stretching and targeted breathing to allow for enhanced range of motion and regulation of the body’s nervous system. We use FST extensively with the BC Lions in order to increase focus pre-game, as well as maximize recovery post-game.

FST is an excellent treatment choice for anyone who wants to reduce pain, improve flexibility, recover from training, prevent injury, or simply relax and escape from life’s many stressors. Clients remain fully clothed during FST sessions while joints are progressively taken through a series of targeted stretches. Swedish massage techniques may also be used in conjunction with FST to enhance tissue quality, blood circulation and overall relaxation.

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Hear what they have to say:

“I started working with Aaron in the fall of 2012 after an exhaustive search for back pain relief. While there was no single event that triggered my injury, finding a diagnosis for my chronic pain seemed impossible. Aaron’s approach to pain is different; he explained that he’d search out and mend dysfunction, not chase pain. Within 2 weeks I started to feel better; by 4 weeks my back pain was 90% gone.  Through the process we discovered that my back pain was caused by a dysfunctional hip and with exercises to correct it, my pain is gone.”