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Hey, I’m Aaron.

I am a strength coach and fascial stretch therapist based out of Vancouver, Canada. I hold a Master’s in Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, and I am currently an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats Football Club, as well as the Head Strength Coach for the Basketball BC provincial team program. I have also previously held strength and conditioning positions at various organizations and institutions including the BC Lions Football Club, University of Washington, Simon Fraser University, Capilano University and Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Stuff I like.

Outside of my profession, I am simply curious about life, and its unpredictable journey towards happiness and meaningful existence. Coach, athlete, fitness enthusiast, educator, philosopher, designer, writer, musician, videographer, critical thinker, couch potato, denim head, coffee addict, and french fry connoisseur. On any given day, I’m all or none of the above.

In my spare time, you can find me on a basketball court pulling up for a “J”, on a lifting platform training for my next weightlifting competition, on a mountain carving up some powder, on a couch strumming a 6-string, or in a quiet coffee shop sipping a latte.

My coaching philosophy.

When developing myself professionally as a coach, I like to draw from a variety of places. My coaching philosophy comes from a number of influential figures including Charlie Francis, Dr. Bondarchuk, Greg Popovich and Bruce Lee. The answer to any training question, however, is almost always, “it depends.” To be an effective strength coach, I must successfully strike a balance between sport science, physiology, biomechanics, training methodology, motor learning, program design, communication and interpersonal skills, psychology, and sport specific knowledge. Check out some testimonials from some athletes and coaches.

My goal is simply to use my knowledge and past experiences to be adaptable, and create an environment that is as optimal, progressive, and safe as possible for the athlete given the context, and to educate and empower athletes by providing them with a training environment that emphasizes the fundamentals of physical preparation and performance. I am dedicated to growing the passion and culture of sports in Canada and instilling positive change in the S&C industry.

What I offer.

I offer private coaching and fascial stretch therapy for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and I also perform team training and consulting for club, highschool, collegiate, and professional teams. I also deliver educational seminars for events, workshops and conferences. Finally, I offer online coaching and program design services for both teams and individuals. Are you an elite, high performance athlete? Ask about my targeted athlete program, 

Past and present clients:

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